Crystal Reports XI Online Course -- This Vital Learning training series shows participants how to create, format and deliver database management reports and forms using Crystal Repoets XI.  Participants will learn a comprehensive set of report preparation skills -- from the basics of getting around in Crystal’s report design environment to the subtle nuances of effective report formatting and data visualization through charting and mapping. This 10-course online training series from Vital Learning includes the following modules:

  • Navigating the Design Environment (2 hours)
  • Selecting Just the Right Data Source(s) for A Report (2 hours)
  • Report Wizards and Do-It-Yourself (1 hour)
  • Selecting and Organizing Report Data (1 hour)
  • Manipulating Report Data in Meaningful Ways (2 hours)
  • Letting Formulas and Functions Do All the Work (3 hours)
  • Creating Dynamic Reports With Parameters (2 hours)
  • Formatting Reports That Function and Sizzle (3 hours)
  • Making Report Selections Work for You (2 hours)
  • Visualizing Report Data With Charts and Maps (3 hours)
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  • Manufacturer: Vital Learning

Crystal Reports XI Series (21 hours)-Online

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