Customer-Oriented Selling - course for salespeople and sales managers from Vital Learning.  Sales training provides a route to more satisfied customers, more successful salespeople and better long-term business relationships. The seminar is designed for new and experienced salespeople, sales managers, and marketing professionals, and it uses the following modules to teach vital sales skills:

  • Introduction to Customer-Oriented Selling
  • Focusing on the Customer
  • The Customer-Oriented Selling Sales Process
  • Managing Sales Obstacles
  • Customer-Oriented Selling
  • Call Planning

Throughout the seminar, participants view video modeling and vignettes, participate in practical skill modeling and exercises, receive immediate feedback on their techniques, engage in group discussions and role-play activities, watch facilitator presentations, and more. Role-play can be tailored to an organization’s customers, products and services, and the course and videos can be customized to give an organization the maximum benefits.

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  • Manufacturer: Vital Learning

Customer Oriented Selling Admin Kit

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