Delivering Customer Focused Service Course (Online) by Vital Learning

Participants analyze the skills and strategies they use every day in their customer service jobs to identify the techniques that they do very well and to develop ways for them to do their job better. During this online training in customer service, participants learn guidelines for delivering customer focused service, including understanding their role as a professional; the essential skills of communication: listening, questioning, verifying, explaining; and the four-step Vital Learning customer service model.

Course Objectives

Upon completing the Delivering Customer Focused Service online training course, participants will understand:

Your Role as a Professional

  • Describe the importance of professionalism to a customer service professional.
  • List characteristics associated with professionalism that you can exhibit on the job.
  • Identify the professional characteristics you already exhibit on a regular basis, and the professional characteristics you need to develop or improve.
  • List action items that if achieved will improve your professionalism.

The Essential Communication Skills

  • Describe the importance of each of the essential communication skills (listening, questioning, verifying, and explaining) in customer service situations.
  • List and describe the techniques involved in correct use of each of the essential communication skills.

The Four-Step Customer Service Process

  • Perform the four steps of the customer service process, including proper use of the essential communication skills.
  • List the four steps of the customer service process.
  • Describe what happens at each of the steps in the customer service process.

This Vital Learning online customer service training class imparts to participants the essential communication skills in each of the four steps of the customer service process.

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Delivering Customer Focused Service-Online (12 month)

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