DiSC® Preview is designed to raise the interest level and increase the comfort and confidence of decision makers in using DiSC. It offers the opportunity to sample the experience of learning through an assessment instrument. Used primarily in 60- to 90-minute events, it can be a first step in awareness that may lead to more in-depth learning with Inscape's family of DiSC-based tools.

The DiSC Preview questionnaire is divided into 10 sections of four adjectives each. Respondents rank the descriptive words in each section, from most like themselves to least like themselves. Point values for each word allow the respondents to discover their DiSC scores. The DiSC Dimensions of Behavior Map then summarizes the basics of the four styles. It provides a brief overview so that the respondent can see at a glance the differences and similarities of the DiSC dimensions. Bulleted points display the preferences and behaviors of each style. Examples of likely statements for each of the styles are also included.

Potential improvements to effectiveness are presented in the "Strategies for Success" portion of this report. This section analyzes the motivations, interpersonal approaches, and communication methods of individuals with a certain style. Respondents identify not only their own tendencies but the characteristics of the other styles.

This report concludes with a series of questions that help respondents form action plans. These questions prompt respondents to think about the strengths and weaknesses of their communication styles.

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DiSC Preview (set of 25)

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