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TPOYC advocates the use of Inscape Everything DiSC profile-based training to assess job-related personality styles and behavioral types, foster team building and enhance workplace communications. We also offer the DiSC Classic profiles and courses for classroom and online employee training.

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1 - 12 of 28 items
1 - 12 of 28 items

These Inscape DiSC profile-based products support both group assessment and individual DiSC personality assessments, and are available in online or paper formats. Many organizations elect to have employees, leaders and managers take the DiSC profiles online and then discuss this with their work group – utilizing one or more of the Action Planners, Facilitator Reports, Interaction Guides and/or Group Reports available for each specific type of DiSC profile.

Inscape’s Everything DiSC training products contain the latest in DiSC profiling technology. The courses and personality profiles are organized by job-related roles and occupational requirements for Leaders, Managers, Sales and individual Workplace members. Everything DiSC profiles are available from TPOYC through Inscape’s EPIC online ordering and delivery system, and include:

  • Workplace Profiles for all employees
  • Work of Leaders Profile for leadership development
  • 363 for Leaders Profile -- 360 review plus leadership training
  • Sales Profile -- DiSC training for sales managers and salespeople
  • Management Profile -- DiSC-based manager training

TPOYC also offers Inscape Publishing’s proven DiSC Classic series of personality assessment products. These are available in English and Spanish languages, and in your choice of classroom (paper) or EPIC online profile formats. Instead of immediately transitioning to the new Everything DiSC profiles, some organizations prefer to continue with the Classic series to maintain a common management and workforce training curriculum and shared leadership development experience.

Inscape has also developed DiSC profiles and training courses for special applications including the Biblical Personal Profiles, Coping and Stress Management, Discovering Diversity Training, I-Sight profile (for youth leadership development), Personal Development Profile, Personal Listening Profile, Team View (team building), Time Mastery (time management), and Work Expectations profiles.

TPOYC recommends the use of Inscape Publishing's DiSC profile-based visual aids and training tools including the DiSC Buttons, QuickDiSC Card Game, People-Reading Pens, Style Guides, Everything DiSC Mugs and Posters.

Call TPOYC today at (972 442-9000 to learn how DiSC profile assessment and training courses can improve employee engagement and productivity.