Essential Skills of Communicating by Vital Learning teaches supervisors, team leaders and managers key communications skills and guidelines:

  • Create a climate of open communication. The foundation of effective communication is openness. Leaders will learn to support an environment that encourages the free exchange of open, honest communication with employees.
  • Design clear, concise messages. Leaders learn to develop messages that avoid complex and pompous language. They will learn to logically organize messages and aim them at the listener’s interests.
  • Manage nonverbal behaviors effectively. Leaders will learn to understand how nonverbal factors — such as voice tone, intonation and gestures — play an important role in communication.
  • Listen to communicate. Leaders will learn the importance of active listening and the role of responding appropriately to employees by reflecting, probing, supporting and advising to create effective communication.

The Essential Skills of Communicating training course is available in classroom, online and blended formats to accommodate any organization or type of business.  The Admin Kit provides complete instructions about how to conduct the communications skillls training seminar, classroom training and online course.  It supplies explanatory information for the trainer, sample trainer narrative, transcripts of video segments and facilitation notes.  The Essential Skills of COmmunicating Admin Kit also includes a facilitator resource CD-ROM containing a PowerPoint presentation, additional resources, reproducible pages from the facilitator guide and a participant workbook.

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  • Manufacturer: Vital Learning

Essential Skills of Communicating Admin Kit

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