The Spanish language version of the Essential Skills of Leadership™ Participant Workbook by Vital Learning is designed for Spanish-speaking supervisors, team leaders and managers. Focusing on three critical management skills, the program establishes a methodology for productive interactions between team leaders and team members. Essential Skills of Leadership™ helps experienced managers, new managers and aspiring managers refocus on the basics: the skills necessary to manage individuals while also leading the team.

The Essential Sklls of Leadership Participant Workbook (Spanish version) provides exercises, forms, skill practice aids and a video synopsis.  The Workbook offers a job aids section with tools and resources for applying seminar skills; and includes a Vital Learning Memory Jogger Card™, which gives leaders a handy reminder of the seminar’s skill points

To encourage, inspire and motivate team members, managers must have good relationships with employees. Part of this comes knowing how to deal with employees in a positive way that maintains and enhances their self-esteem. Managers must also create a team atmosphere by empowering team members, allowing them to participate in setting goals, solving problems and making decisions when possible. Managers who achieve this retain their team members, and their teams are more productive.

Essential Skills of Leadership teaches managers contemporary techniques for effective leadership, thereby improving their performance and increasing the productivity of both the team and the organization. Throughout the seminar, managers review video presentations and case studies, participate in group discussions, practice new skills, and receive immediate feedback. They leave with valuable implementation tools, a troubleshooting guide and additional resources to help them apply the skills they have learned on the job.


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Essential Skills of Leadership Participant Workbook (Spanish)

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