Managing for Employee Engagement -- Participant Workbook

Discover how you can engage employees so they become fulfilled and more successful in their jobs.

It is an accepted fact of business life that any job, from dishwasher to investment banker, can become miserable. And even the most well-meaning manager can miss the causes. According to Patrick Lencioni, three underlying factors make a job miserable—anonymity, irrelevance, and immeasurement. Based on Lencioni's Three Signs of a Miserable Job model, the Managing for Employee Engagement Workshop will help managers understand the root causes of job misery and provides action items to develop an engaged workforce.

Participants will also:

  • Examine the Three Signs of a Miserable Job model and explore the effects of job misery on employees, managers, and organizations
  • Use the feedback from a 180-degree assessment to identify your behaviors which may contribute to employee misery
  • Learn simple yet powerful techniques for making your employees' jobs more fulfilling and more productive

The Managing for Employee Engagement: Participant Workbook is the companion piece to the Facilitator's Guide Set.

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Managing for Employee Engagement Participant Workbook

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