The DiSC profile-based Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 helps individuals discover what they contribute to group projects and how they can thrive in team settings. This DiSC assessment report offers personalized feedback on the participant’s DiSC test results, strengths and challenges when working as part of a team, and it presents information on what people of different roles may contribute to the group as well.

Key features of the online Team Dimensions Profile 2.0 report include:

  • Personalized analysis of participants' team roles
  • Insights into working with different team roles
  • Commentary on the flexibility in his or her role
  • Details about what might cause stress for the participant
  • Information on the "Z" process
  • Applied information on communication, meetings, and time management
  • Comparisons of all four team roles


  • Item #: C463-EPIC
  • Manufacturer: Inscape

Team Dimensions Profile 2.0-Online EPIC

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